Apologetics is not a proper form of reasoning

Apologetics is the systematic defense of a position. It's usually done by religious people in defense of their dogma.

We are all biased, but embracing bias as the starting point of your reasoning is not going to help you find any reliable truth.

Contrast that with scientifically obtained information. All scientists have their own bias, but scientific methods are designed to eliminate that bias. That's what they do: neutralize subjectivity. Imperfectly, but better than anything else we know. As a consequence, they are our best chance to discover objective truth.

When a new idea emerges in science, the very first thing scientists do is attempt to destroy it. That is not in defense of any kind of orthodoxy, it's to verify that the idea really is a good.

Can apologists reach any form of truth? They could, by chance, but even if they did, what they find would be of no value until it's been scrutinized and verified by a wide community of independent researchers. Why not start with that? Are you interested in finding the truth or in defending your position?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011 8:17:11 AM

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