More fundie fun

snakeThere is an article on stupid Conservapædia (that I won't grace with a link) that rants about the theory of Relativity because apparently it contradicts the Bible. Well, what doesn't? Even the Bible contradicts the Bible...
Anyways, here is how that fantastic piece of entertainment begins:

"The theory of relativity is a mathematical system that allows no exceptions."

Well, wrong. This just shows how much these clowns understand about science: nothing at all.
The theories of Relativity are *using* mathematical tools, but they are not about the tools, they are about the physics of high energy phenomena and strong gravitational fields. So they got the most basic definitions wrong. But of course they did it on purpose you see, because mathematical theorems suffer no exceptions (which is precisely why math is not science) whereas physics is perfectly fine with limiting its own theories to a specific experimental range.
It's worth repeating: if science knew everything, it would be over and nobody would do it. Only engineering would remain. Contrast that with religion, which was done once and for all thousands of years ago and that people are still doing today.
This being said, I think the authors of the silly piece in question should stop using their GPS right now, cause you know, of being an insult to God and all.