If you still watch TV news after that...

Sinking deeper than the bottom of the ocean: ABCYou have heard about "Botox Mom", haven't you? This charming lady claimed on TV that she was giving her 8-year old daughter Botox shots in order to remove imaginary wrinkles and prepare her for some of those horrible "beauty" pageants.

Of course, Child Protection Services promptly investigated and removed the child from her custody as a precautionary measure.

Well, what do you know? The latest development in the affair is that the mom apparently had made it all up, and had been paid for it by the TV networks that aired her story.

That makes her a slightly less horrible parent, as she is only just lying and pushing her daughter to lie on TV and profiting from said lies.

But what I take from it is that it's now official: in case you hadn't noticed, those TV things now have nothing whatsoever to do with news. They really are pure (and lousy) fiction, and as such are performed by actors who are paid to tell a pre-written story.

In other news... http://www.slate.com/id/2291942/entry/2293553/?from=rss