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  • Bret Easton Ellis' Imperial Bedrooms

    Allégorie (la Mort) After the absolutely amazing Lunar Park, Bret Easton Ellis delivers a relatively short read with Imperial Bedrooms, the sequel to Less Than Zero. Let’s say it up front: if you’ve read all of his previous novels already, you have already read this one. It is almost entirely without surprise: perversion, murders, a nightmarish blend of the inner and outer worlds of the narrator and a desperate absence of feelings and empathy are all there.


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    Sunday, September 19, 2010 10:33:36 AM
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  • As much as I would have liked to, I did not like Tim Burton's Alice

    Alice in WonderlandI took (my) Alice to the movies this week-end, and we saw Tim Burton's Alice in 3D. I love Tim Burton's universe. But this time it just didn't work for me.
    Maybe it's because I've recently read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but the whole foundation of the movie seems utterly absurd. In a bad way.
    All events *should* be absurd but should make sense in their own weird way. Alice should be the one who tries to make sense in an absurd world.
    Instead of that, we have a relatively normal world with slightly mad characters. there is a plot, and even a quest.
    But worst of all, Alice as a warrior in a shiny armor? Alice in Wonderland as an action flick? Wow. And when Alice recounts the six impossible things she's done today, she sounds like Rambo, not Alice.
    It's OK to take an existing work and make it your own, but this is not it. It's not even very personal: Burton can do so much better than that.
    The only moment of grace for me was when Alice remembers her previous visits.
    Anyway, (my) Alice liked it so it wasn't a complete waste of time...


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    Tuesday, March 16, 2010 4:26:49 AM
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